Friday, April 30, 2010

Boy Oh Boy

What a busy month...we have been moving into our new home for a little over a week now and we still have a ton of things yet to get out of the other house. Glad we are taking our time as I have been burnt out the last couple days and haven't done much unpacking. But I think I am good now as I have done several boxes this morning already. Blakes got soccer practice tonight and a game at 11 tomorrow. Need to remember it's my turn to bring snack...LOL Nothing much going on, just wish the move was over. Picking up new washer tomorrow too...YAY ME! lol

I sure do hope that I can get back to scrapping when we have everything moved over here (not nessessarily unpacked) LOL! I have missed it and even though I don't have the huge scraproom anymore I am making due with our walk in closet (big but not a room) I have to get very clever with it so all my things can fit. :D Packing and unpacking my supplies has really made me miss it and want to dip my toes...but I must wait.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I can't believe how long it's been since I have posted on here. Followers? What followers? LOL It's been just about this long since I have scrapped too. Maybe longer. A couple of things going on. We are moving....yep..AGAIN! Land lord lost this house to foreclosure...we have until June to move out. Not having much luck finding something with 3 bedrooms and if we do it's already rented. We are on a waiting list for a townhouse but there are 4 others infront of us and the chances of us getting in there by the time we have to move it doubtful in my mind. Going to look at a house when the kids get home from school and Mike gets home from work. Still in the same school district but the more we think about what they are asking the more costly it becomes and we aren't sure if we are willing to pay all that. 1. first and last months rent....2. renters ifs ands or buts (not too costly) no pets (we have a dog, will give up if we have no choice but sad about it) they might consider to let us keep him for more money and they want us to pay for a creit check on both Mike and to move in we would have to pay $2000.00 not sure about that. This will be what we dwell over this weekend after we see the house. Time is just going so quickly and we dont' want to get stuck having to live in a hotel until we find something. That would SUCK! So to any of you that will read this..PLEASE say a prayer for us. Thank you.