Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's been years since I have been on a vacation. When I was growing up we went somewhere every year. My favorite ones would have to be camping...yeah we had a mobile home, so technically we didn't camp, but it wasn't home. lol And it was at a camp ground. Before we had the camper we usually rented a cottage. I remember one year, my dad had gone out fishing real early in the morning and my brother Ernie and I rowed out to him when we got had told us this outragous fish story about a huge pike....yeah yeah whatever...well, I got out of the row boat and climbed into my dads boat to fish with him and my brother rowed back to the cottage. Not long after my dad got a hit on his line and it was deja vu' of what he had just told us....he fought this fish and got it right up to the boat and when we went to scoop this HUGE pike out of the lake it just let go of the it was laughing at us. When we got back to the cottage my brother had told everyone about dads story and I was telling them taht it happened again and I witnessed it...they did't believe me. Thought my dad conned me into going along with his story. I don't know if they ever did end up believing us or not but....IT WAS ALL TRUE! LOL

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Smash Mouth

Sorry I am posting this a little late...couldn't get my camera program to upload my photos. Yes that is Ramon...February 7th he went 4 wheeling with a friend and the 4 wheller stalled out..the 4 wheller has a pull cord to start it and Ramon leaned over to watch his friend start it and got an elbow in the mouth. He couldn't eat solid food for 4 days and even after that it still hurt to chew but was getting better. This actually looks good compared to what it really looked like. The cut in his lower lip was only a couple of layers of skin until it went completely thru...eeewwww. We were worried about him losing his bottom teeth but they seem to be doing good and tightening up. We didn't think they were lose but Ramon thought they were. His lip is completely healed. Thank God it wasn't more serious.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake

Yes it's now my little mermaids 5th birthday. OMG Time has gone by sooo fast. She's such the opposite of Ramon. Yet they adore each other so much. But they are at that age where she thinks she knows everything and she annoys her big brother. She's quiet the drama queen, the diva, the model. She loves having her picture taken...Picture me mom...those are her words.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Ramon

I am such a bad bad mom.....I can't believe I didn't post this yesterday. I thought about it all day and just nver got around to it. But I do want to wish my baby a very happy 14TH Birthday...Can you believe he's 14 already..I know I can't. He's such a great kid...I really lucked out with him. And anyone that knows him knows how great he is. He so fun and caring. I just love him to death. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE.

Here is a layout I did of him. He's such a dork. Don't know where he gets it from! ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thanks so much

I just want to say thanks to Tara who guided me, thru e-mails, the process of getting my very own playlist here on my blog. So.....THANK YOU, TARA. ;)

Hope you all enjoy what I have chosen and yes I am stuck in the past a bit! LOL