Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scrappy Husband

So my husband, Mike, has crossed over to the scrap side. He's always been very supportive of my obsession with scrapping and he's always given me his opinion on my work. Well, he finally did his first layout...........and his second. Believe it or not other then making a couple suggestions (color choices and inking edges) I didn't do much else for the second one. The first one I had him look at some sketches and suggested that he use black and white photos as there were too many different colors in the photos he ued. So here are the layouts that he did. Pretty impressive if you ask me. :D

Second Layout
First Layout

Thursday, March 19, 2009


After a couple weeks of working on reorganizing my scraproom, I finally got it done (well, not completely but pretty darn close) I purchased a couple things to help me get better organized. I got a 3 tier drawer for my stamps, inks and spooled ribbons. I purchased a 25 cube shoe rack (got it on clearance from Taget) that I have chipboard alphas, packages of blank cards, stickers, grunge board..pretty much anything that didn't have a home. I also purchase a used cd holder and some empty cd cases to store my acrylic stamps. After all that and having not scrapped in those 2 weeks I got busy and got some scrapping done. Here's what I have been working on.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A little more excitement

Today Blake took the bus to school...her first time on a bus. OMG...could she have been any more excited. She didn't even give me a hug and kiss good-bye...she just ran up the bus steps and sat in a seat. I barely saw her hand waving as they pulled away. I didn't even get a picture of her getting on. I did get a picture of the bus...whoopee...LOL Well, there is always tomorrow right!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Exciting Day

This morning the whole family had to go tot the HD to get their shots and I had to wait in the hall as I was crying when it was Blakes turn, though I was a little tearied eyed when Ramon was getting his too! Blake had to get the most 5, one being a new one that they are going to be making manditory soon. She did great though and after we took the boys to school we tool her to McDonalds to get her a happy meal. We came home and had lunch then it was time to take her to school. We go there and she was making sure I got a picture of her with her Cinderella back pack. I must say she wasn't too excited over the weekend. But by the time we we got there she was thrilled. We went to the office and was then led to her room and she was a few feet in front of Mike and me and only looked back once to see if we were coming. LOL There was no time for pictures when we got to her room as the class was full and the kids seemed ready to go. She went and sat down as Mike and I stayed by the door. She shouted across the room bye and waved..then thought again and ran over and gave us some hugs and kisses. When we went to pick her up, she had forgotten her boots so we went back to her room to get them and I got a couple pics of her.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Exciting News

:yippe I am soooo excited. :yippe

DD starts pre-school on Monday :yippe

Well, this is all depending on if she's feeling any better. :(

But I am hoping for the best. :yippe

She will be picked up by bus at 12:00 and come home with her brother a 4:00..she technically gets out at 2:45 but they have to go pick up the other kids after her. She goes from Monday - Thursday. So we will have all Friday together. :yippe

Monday, March 2, 2009

What a day.....and it's only 10:30 a.m. I finally found a pre-school that Blake can go to...I just need to fill out a ton of paper work. I am feeling so overwhelmed at the moment that I am fighting back tears. Why is it when you call doctor offices that they need to make you feel like an idiot? Our doctors office is about 45 minutes away and I don't want to take the hour and a half drive if they aren't going to help me with what I need. Not to mention the time I will be there waiting for the forms to be filled out.

Some of the questions on these forms (not to mention that alot are repeats) in my opinion are tough to answer...in my opinion my daughter is where she needs to be in her developement but I am not sure about her educational developement...I know she's not stupid, but I am not sure what they want her to know, and they combine things and then they are yes and no questions...yes she can do this but has trouble with that.....and there is NO room to write anything. I am just so frustrated right now....and Mike is NO help in this matter. Especially with him working nights and sleeping all day. I feel like screaming right now.

So that is what I am dealing with right now..I don't remember having to do all this when Ramon was her age...LOL